Corporate Profile

Establishment September, 1933
Capital ¥18,000,000.-
Sales of surface treatment materials, jigs and equipment
Cationic electrodeposition coating
Engineering and total solution for surface treatment process
Address 2-501 Hanasakidai, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 463-0808 Japan
Tel +81-52-739-0661 Fax +81-52-739-0666
Mail Address
Main Banks Yanagibashi Branch, MUFG Bank.,LTD.
Terrasse Nayabashi Branch, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd.
Nagoya Ekimae Branch, Aichi Bank, Ltd.
Employee 50
A poison dynamite public dealership・Efficacious medicineNo.1328
Poison dynamite import business, Tokai No.10085
Ordinary Construction Business License
Aichi Prefectural Governor’s License (Ordinary – 4) No. 110773
Scaffolding and earthwork business
Plumbing business
Machinery and equipment installation business
Fit Co., Ltd.
Inokuchi Polishing Co.,Ltd.
Futaba Surface Finishing M&M (Jiang Men) Co., Ltd.
Futaba IS Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Water Solution Korea Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
Meiko Industries Co., Ltd.

Organization Chart


Sept., 1933 Takejiro Kasama established “Futaba Shokai” for the purpose of sales of polishing materials
and plating chemicals as an agent of A・P & Manning (U.S.A.) in Chubu District at Nishi
Futabacho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya.
Jan., 1935 Reorganized to joint-stock company “Futaba Shokai”.
Sept., 1941 Reorganized to “Futaba Shokai Co., Ltd.” with the capital of \1 95,000.- and transferred its
office to Miyuki-honmachidori, Nishi-ku, Nagoya.
Feb., 1944 Changed the registered name to “Futaba Sangyo Co., Ltd.”.
Aug., 1945 Transferred its registered office to Shima-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya.
Nov., 1948 Increased the capital to 2 million Yen and transferred its regi stered office to Kako-machi,
Nakamura-ku, Nagoya.
Sept., 1974 Increased the capital to 18 million Yen.
March, 1985 Appointed Norifumi Kasama to the president & CEO.
March, 2003 Started operation of foreign trading.
June, 2003 Succeeded the operation of cationic electrodeposition coating of Minato Plant of Siragane
Plating Co., Ltd. and started operation of cationic electrodeposition coating as Minato Plant
of Futaba Sangyo.
April, 2004 Established Planning & Development Dept.
May, 2005 Acquired ISO 14001 Certificate
Dec., 2005 Established Ichinomiya Plant, and started manufacturing of jigs for plating and coating
March, 2006 Acquired ISO 9001 Certificate
June, 2006 Atsushi Kasama was appointed to the president & CEO.
July, 2008 Granted certification as “NagoyaSDGs greenpartners Ecological business establishment”.
Nov., 2008 Established “Futaba Sangyo (HK) Co., Ltd,” in Hong Kong.
March 2009 Obtained whole share of Fit Co., Ltd.
May, 2009 Transferred its office to Hanasakidai (Techno Hill Nagoya), Moriyama-ku, Nagoya.
Feb., 2010 Granted certification as “Aichi Quality Company”.
Jan., 2011 Established “Futaba Surface Finishing M&M (Shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.” in Shen Zehen, China.
Dec., 2012 Established “Futaba Surface Finishing M&M (Jiang Men) Co., Ltd.” in Jiang Men, China.
Aug., 2014 Established “Futaba IS Co., Ltd.” in Bangkok, Thailand.
Oct., 2014 Established IS Dept. (Integrated Solutions Dept.) by integrating Planning & Development
Dept., Jig Manufacturing Dept., and Equipment Dept.
Dec.,2016 Futaba Sangyo (HK) Co., Ltd. and Futaba Surface Finishing M&M (Shen Zhen) Co., Ltd., integrated into Futaba Surface Finishing M&M (Jiang Men) Co., Ltd.
Oct., 2017 Acquired shares of Water Solution Korea Co., Ltd., making it a wholly owned company.
Jan., 2020 Established Kyushu sales branch.
May., 2023 Acquired shares of Inokuchi Polishing Co.,Ltd. through Fit Co., Ltd., making it a wholly-owned company
June., 2023 IS Department plating-related department made into Technical Sales Department, and painting-related department integrated with ED Department.

Company Policy

Corporate Motto

“Prosperity by Friendship”
With the spirit of gentleness and friendship, we will grow up toward our dream and target together with
all our employees and their families and every person related to our company, and contribute to
development of society.

Corporate Identity

All our employees and their families can enjoy their daily lives in a comfortable way with peace in mind.
Our company and every related person with our company can achieve a feeling of satisfaction.
For steady and sustainable development, harmonize among human・environment・society・company.


Modification of the surface will change the products and consequently change the world.


Integrated Solutions : Evolve the surface treatment by application of various elements and factors.


Challenge to any work in full faith.
Behave with clean and gentle manner.
Respect each other and understand other’s feeling
Take initiative with thinking by ourselves and challenge to everything.
Perform progressive activities for the customers.
Cooperate with other staffs and respect other staffs.
Create value in collaboration with business partners.
Make it our pleasure to work for others.

Quality Policy

We have been trying our best efforts to establish ourselves to highly reliable company for our
clients by providing
them with high performance products meeting their needs steadily.
We sincerely declare to comply with the following matters to realize our “Quality Policy” stated above.
1. Provide quality goods which satisfy the needs of our customers.
2. Strictly comply with any applicable laws and our own procedures and specification we stipulated.
3. Set-up our quality target and accomplish this quality target with reviewing it as necessary.
4. Apply continuous improvement of effectiveness of “Quality Management System”.
5. Review this “Quality Policy” occasionally to maintain its appropriateness.
6. Keep all employees informed about this “Quality Policy”.

Revised : July 1, 2015
June 1,2006
Atsushi Kasama, President & CEO
Futaba Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Environmental Policy

In performing our business activities for surface treatment rel ated business such as sales of
surface treatment
materials and equipment, electrodeposition coating, manufacturing jigs and others, Futaba Sangyo Co., Ltd. has
been making every effort to protect and maintain the earth environment to prevent environmental contamination
under enough recognition of the influences on the environment.

1. Assess the influence of the business activities on the enviro nment, formulate our own self-motivating
improvement target, apply periodical reviewing and apply continuous improvement in a manageable scope in
technically and economically to reduce the load to the environment.
2. Comply with any applicable governing laws concerning the environment, agreement on environmental pollution
control and others.
3. Recognize the influence of the business activities on the env ironment adequately and perform
environmentally-friendly activities.
(1) Save national resources and energy and enhance re-use.
(2) Apply adequate waste water treatment and reduce the generated amount of the wastes.
(3) Apply adequate treatment for wasted materials and reduce the generated amount of the wastes.
(4) Develop and promote environment-conscious technologies and products.
4. Apply in-house audit for environment and promote continuous improvement of “Environmental Management
5. Keep all employees informed about this “Environmental Policy” and announce our performance to outside as

Revised : July 1, 2015
June 10, 2004
Atsushi Kasama, President & CEO
Futaba Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

Various Certificates

Aichi Quality Company

Aichi Prefecture certifies a manufacturing company which builds up
the customer value by promoting the innovation of the business
process, exerting its unique advantage, establishing its own br and
value with considering importance of the environment under its
excellent concept an d aggr essive leader ship of th e t op<
management as “Aichi Quality Company”.

NagoyaSDGs greenpartners Ecological business establishment

Nagoya City certifies the business institute which has been
challenging voluntarily and positively environmental protection as
“Ecological business” and supports its self-motivating challenge.
We will challenge voluntarily and positively environmental
protection to maintain our sustainable growth with harmony spir it
with the environment in mind.

ISO 14001

“ISO 14001” is the international standard which realizes
improvement of customer satisfaction and continuous
improvement of “Quality Management System” through quality
assurance of products and services.
Acquired ISO 14001 : 2004 Certificate

ISO 9001

“ISO 9001” is the international standard for “Environmental
Management System” aiming reduction of risks to the
environment, contribution to the environment and business
management under the consideration of sustainability.
Acquired ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate