Sales Department

We have been dealing various materials, equipment, instruments and jigs relating to whole area of surface finishing including polishing and coating with various industrial basic chemicals for plating as our main line. By utilizing our own warehouse and delivery capability which are the largest scale class in the field, we realize considerable reduction of the commodity prices
through our central buying system for big quantity. We have been responding to the various requirements from our customers through our abundance of stock and firm experiences. We are performing progressive sales activities with technical proposal on whole process such as reduction of the defective ratio, improvement of productivity and others.
Through our own business sites in overseas market in China, Hong Kong and Thailand, we trust that we are now in a right and adequate position to provide our customers with various supports concerning overseas business such as import and export operations as their global partner.

ED (Electrodeposition Coating) Department

In our plant, we have our own large-scaled cationic electrodepo sition coating equipment which can be applied to big surface and heavy weight articles. This coating line can be also applied to mass production for small size articles. In case of treatment for minute and fine articles, we have been responding to various needs by applying barrel type electrodeposition coating equipment.
On both coating lines, as the pre-treatment process is multi-choice type, we can apply the optimum pre-treatment condition on various base materials.

Technical Sales Department

We established this Technical Sales Department in November, 2014 to assume a n important role to conduct requirements and issues from the customers to “Integrated Solutions”. In this department, by arranging our exclusive engineers and experts for plating, jigs and equipment, we have been challenging to new projects, reduction of defective ratio, improvement of productivity and
others from various viewpoints, reviewing the approaches from the various quarters and providing our customers with the optimum and satisfactory proposal.