Fit Co., Ltd.

Fit Co., Ltd. is an exclusive manufacturer for barrel polishing related products. The main business line of Fit is manufactur ing
and sales of barrel polishing machines (rotation, vibration, ce ntrifugal, eddy current), polishing stones (ceramics, plastics, specific metal) and compound.
The designing and quality test are perform ed in Japan, but manufacturing is conducte d in China mainly. By this busin ess strategy, they realize lower price with higher quality. Furth ermore, they have established complete service system for the customers from their suggestion for selection of the polishing condition and polishing machine to after-follow services through
utilizing the trial test machine at their own laboratory.

  • Address : 2-501, Hanasakidai, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya 463-0808 Japan
  • Tel : +81-52-739-0671
  • FAX : +81-52-739-0672
  • Business Line : Manufacturing and sales of barrel polishing materials and related equipment
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Futaba Surface Finishing M&M (Jiang Men) Co., Ltd.

They concluded the Partnership Agreement with “New Fortune Envi ronmental Protection Co., Ltd.” which developed and has
been managing the largest industrial estate in China for exclus ively surface treatment, and they have been providing total supports to many companies operating surface treatment business in this industrial estate by supplying them with various materials, jigs and equipment for surface treatment. Especiall y to the Japanese companies located in China, they have
established firm structure and organization to provide similar services with Japan to them. They are also performing to provide the local surface treatment companies in China with various materials from Japan.

  • Address : 111A Yamen Electroplating Industrial Base, Xinhui District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China
  • Tel : +86(0)-750-623 8628
  • FAX : +86(0)-750-623 8629
  • Business Line : Sales of materials, jigs and equipment for surface treatment, import & export business


Futaba IS Co., Ltd.

They are a trading company for exclusively surface treatment fil ed in Thailand, which main business station is Bangkok in Thailand an d covers whole area of ASEAN countries. Through their rich network, the y have been providing various products including Japanese goods and the best products from China or any other ASEAN countries to the custome rs in Thailand and other ASEAN countries according to their requireme nts. In the ASEAN countries, t he importance of Thailand becomes higher and higher. Under this circumstance, they have been devoting themselves to support the customers in manufacturing of their products.

  • Address : 189/89 Moo 4, T.Bang Phriang , Bang Bo, Samut Prakarn 10560 Thailand
  • Tel : +66 2 170 8332
  • Business Line : Sales of materials, jigs and equipment for surface treatment, import & export business


Water Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.

The process of ion exchange is used to adsorb and remove hazardous substances (chrome, fluorine, etc.) from industrial waste water. Also, saturated resins such as ion exchange resins are recovered and regenerated by chemicals. Using a clean recycling system that is among the best in S. Korea’s outsourced regenerated resign market, the company is able to regenerate ion according to the needs of different customers and applications.
The company is also involved in the manufacture and sales of waste water treatment equipment, providing backup to customers whose processes use chemicals.

  • Address : (17998)33,Chupalsandan 2-gil,Paengseong-eup,Pyeongtaek-si,Gyeonggi-do.Korea
  • Tel : +82.31.691.9081 to 3
  • FAX : +82.31.691.9084
  • Business Line : Manufacture and sales of ion exchange type waste water and water supply treatment
  • equipment and the regeneration of ion exchange resin.
  • Capital : 240 million won
  • Employees : 11
Meiko Industries Co., Ltd.

They are high quality・high added value-led surface treatment company which technologies are applicable to the articles having small quantity and many kinds flexibly. They can respond quickl y to the needs concerning any type of surface treatments at various production lines. Their treated products backed with their excellent technologies and advanced inspection instruments have been enjoying fine reputations and high reliability. They acquired the certificate of the
specification for aircraft and they were awarded the “Minister of Labor’ s Prize” . The level of their technology received high evaluation in the market.

  • Address : 45, Itsukaichibahonji Tanyou-chou, Ichinomiya City, Aichi 491-0823 Japan
  • Tel : +81-586-76-5811
  • FAX : +81-586-77-0994
  • Business Line : Automatic rack plating line (Zinc, tin, copper, nickel, chromium)
  • Automatic barrel plating line(Zinc, tin, copper, nickel, silver)
  • Manual type plating line(Zinc, tin, copper, nickel, chromium, gold, silver)
  • Electroless nickel plating line(For large and small surface articles, and precision electronics components)
  • Polishing line, cleaning line
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